Art of the team, team of two


Reez is the labour of love of Celina Re and Juan López, two Argentinian-born designers who have lived in Granada, Spain, since 2002. reez is a union, a ballroom dance, like the tango, which goes far beyond the mere act of dancing. For them it is a joy and a pleasure – an alluring, seductive challenge. The life of a couple is guided by and linked to the lives of their closest friends, thus we arrive at art, photography, design and experimental jewellery, treating glass like gems, like art. Many accomplices have appeared throughout our journey. From them we have learned the true meaning of the term WORKSHOP: work that is sold, a place where one works; an ideas factory where work takes shape, making a language, a style, a tool for crafting identity. What today is reez is the fruit of that complicity; a reciprocal complicity, a cyclical rhythm of coming and going, giving and receiving. It is a rhythm that is bound by everyday life but manages to continually swoop above it. It is a rhythm that tries to capture that timeless synthesis, those contemporary day-to-day qualities. And as, day by day, we must prepare ourselves for the coming dawn, so reez gives us that impulse, that touch of distinction, that sprinkling of charm in the detail of beauty, in the slightest gesture.

Reez, not a brand, but a family; the genealogy of a new aesthetic.